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Our Tape Repair Service

Repaired TapeWith our tape repair service, we can repair your audio and video tapes that have snapped, got twisted or have mould damage. We are one of the few companies offering mould removal from video tapes and cassettes. We have years of experience dismantling and re-assembling audio, video and camcorder tapes, we can even offer re-housing for audio and selected video and camcorder tapes. You can be assured that your damaged memories are in good hands and will be returned to you fully restored and in full working order. Please see the sections below for more information on our Audio & Video repair as well as our Video tape mould removal services, there is also links for ordering our repair services below.



Audio Cassette Repair

Chewed Audio TapeWe can repair your damaged audio cassettes and audio reels which have snapped or have been twisted while getting played. For audio reels as well as fixing broken tape we can also attach a new leader to your tape. This way you will be able to listen or transfer the full tape without having to miss any of your recording, due to having to feed the recorded tape round the reel.

For audio cassettes, we can re-splice your snapped tape as well as remove tangled or chewed sections then splice the tape back together. If you have a cassette with damaged housing this can’t be repaired however we can put your tape into a new cassette housing.



Video Tape Repair

Chewed TapeWe can repair your chewed and tangled video tapes, as well as fix, snapped sections of your tape. We can also repair most tape formats including camcorder tapes such as Betamax, VHS, Video 2000, VHS-C, Video/Hi/Digital 8, Mini DV and professional Betacam and DV Cam formats.

We can also re-house your video tape if the housing has been damaged or is faulty making tape to be unplayable. We can re-house VHS, VHS-C, Video/Hi/Digital 8 and Mini DV  as standard, we may be able to re-house other formats on request but this will be dependent on being able to obtain parts.


Video Tape Mould Removal

Mouldy Video TapeWe see a lot of video tapes that have mould on them due to being kept in damp and humid places, mould makes your tape look white and is easy to spot as seen in the photo of the Kodak VHS tape. The damage mould can cause varies depending on the extent of mould and period of time the mould has been left on the tape. The effects can range from and include any combination of jumpy or no picture and/or distorted sound.
Mouldy tape afterAlthough removing the mould does not guarantee a perfect playing tape it does in most cases improve playback enough to enable you to watch your footage and relive your memories. After the mould is removed we also clean the tape housing to prevent the mould from returning, once you receive your tape back we recommend you store it indoors at room temperture and not in the garage or in the attic.  We charge a fixed rate for mould removal as we believe in offering value however if after removing the mould your tape doesn’t play we don’t offer any refund or credit.
If you have any questions on any of our repair services then please get in contact us via phone, social media or using the contact form at the bottom of the page and we will be happy to give you benefit of the years of experience we have.

Tape Repair Services

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