Editing Service

Our Editing Services

With our editing service, we offer both Video and Audio editing services covering everything from basic editing, colour correction & grading as well as video & audio restoration. We use software from companies such as Adobe, Avid, Blackmagic Design, Boris FX, Izotope, Newblue FX, ProDAD and Red Giant to name a few. We are also solely a PC based company so are unable to work with project files directly from Final Cut however, we can work with XML files exported from Final Cut.


Video Editing

EditingWith our standard video editing service, we can log and organise your shots and files, create proxies, perform assembly editing, create titles and credits, add basic effects, transitions and keyframing. For pricing we have two options an hourly rate which is ideal for editing projects that will take less than a day to complete or a daily rate which more suited to longer projects that will take longer than one day. For more complex edits that will take more than several days, we can customise a pricing package to suit your budget and timescale.


Colour Matching & Grading

Colour GradingAfter your main edit is complete we can offer a colour matching and grading service, we use DaVinci Resolve for all or colour work regardless of what editing software we used for your edit. We can also colour match and colour grade your own edits using XML exports from Final Cut, Media Composer, Resolve or Premiere. Like our editing prices, we can offer an hourly rate or daily rate depending on your project size and the time it will take to complete.


Audio Editing & Restoration

Audio EditingOur audio editing also compliments our video editing and colour grading services, there is some crossover between video and audio editing, an example of the crossover would be syncing externally recorded audio to scatch audio from the video files. The audio editing we offer is more to do with video rather than music, however, we can also work on music tracks within your film project.

Examples of hour audio editing would be levelling audio, removing unwanted handling noise from microphones, matching EQ for different locations and general restoration using Izotope RX to remove Hum, Wind, Rustle as well as De-Ess and De-Plosive. The cost for our audio editing and restoration cost the same as our video editing service with two rates depending on the size of the project.


Pricing for our hourly and daily rates can be found below for the relevant editing services that we offer, we also take a 50% deposit upfront before starting any editing work which can be paid by BACS or Debit/Credit card. For digital uploads and download, we use the “We Transfer Pro” service which allows us to upload single files up to 20GB in size. We are also happy for you to provide your own storage media for the final rendered files once we have the details of your project we can advise on what size of storage will be required.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have or to arrange a meeting to discuss your project requirements.

Editing Costs

Video Editing

£40 Per Hour / £300 Per Day (8Hr Day)
  • Logging
  • Assembly Editing
  • Titles, Credits and Keyframing
  • Transitions and Effects
  • Audio Syncing

Colour Correction & Grading

£50 Per Hour / £400 Per Day (8Hr Day)
  • XML Imports
  • Shot Matching
  • Colour Chart Matching
  • Grading
  • 3D Lut Creation

Audio Editing

£40 Per Hour / £300 Per Day (8Hr Day)
  • General Editing
  • Matching Levels
  • Layering
  • EQ Matching
  • Audio Restoration