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Cine TransferOur cine transfer is done by scanning your film rather than projecting it which ensures your delicate film does not get damaged by hot light sources during the transfer process unlike some other services on the market. Included in the price is a film health check where we will ensure your film is as dust-free as possible before transferring your film to DVD, Blu-Ray or Digital Files.

Video transferWith our video transfer we never transfer straight to disc or USB like other services on the market but instead transfer and capture with a computer via either firewire or SDI, we capture the footage as AVI before converting to required delivery formats such as Mpeg 4 for USB or Mpeg 2 for DVD or Blu-ray. We also offer additional services such as upscaling to HD, converting interlaced footage to progressive and offering editing codecs such as Pro-Res or DNX.

Memory card transferWe can even copy video files from Memory Cards, USB Drives, Mobile Phones, Cameras and Digital Camcorders, when transferring your files from Mobile Phones we will always copy the files to a computer so you can take your mobile away with you. The only thing we ask is that for Mobile Phones, Cameras and Digital Camcorders with internal memory is that you have your device fully charged and also have the USB cable to enabale us to connect it to our computer.

Audio TransferWhen we transfer audio formats to CD or Audio Files we transfer to a computer using optical digital cables at 48Mhz 24bit this ensures you get the best sound possible from your old audio media. After your audio is transferred to a computer we will filter out as much of the background noise from your Vinyl and Tape recordings which is included in the standard transfer cost.

Photo transferWhen we scan your negatives to a computer we use dedicated negative and slide scanners ensuring you get the best quality scans available, we have a dedicated computer system that is used for scanning your negatives, we can scan from single negatives to full rolls of uncut film. We can scan almost any format of negatives and slides which also includes glass mounted, we scan at an optical resolution of between 2400 – 4800dpi depending on the service you choose.

EquitmentAll our equipment is maintained and serviced regularly  to ensure we can offer the best transfer available and pride ourselves on offering high quality at an extremely affordable price. Don’t let our low prices put you off using our services as we offer a professional service at a consumer price that everyone can afford. Please click in the links below for more detailed information and prices for the service you require. Please feel free to get in touch to discuss your personal requirements using the contact form located at the bottom of the page.

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