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Video servicesWe can transfer from almost every type of videotape ever produced except for U-Matic videotapes, we transfer both consumer videotape formats such as N1500, N1700, Video 2000, Betamax, VHS, super VHS, VHS-C, Video 8, Hi8, Digital 8, Micro MV or Mini DV  as well as professional video formats such as DV Cam, Betacam, DVC Pro 50 and HDV. Our transfer process is achieved by using a combination of older video machines with newer decoders that transfer your memories or footage to the computer using either Firewire, SDI or Thunderbolt connections.

We will also remove overscan from your old analogue videotapes which is present when capturing the videotapes digitally, this was originally hidden by your old television as it didn’t display the full picture recorded on the tape during playback.

We only use high end and professioPro videonal video equipment to transfer your videotapes, we only use camcorders to transfer Digital 8 and Micro MV tapes as there was never full-size machines made for these formats.  All our video machines are maintained regularly to ensure that your videotape plays smoothly through our machines, we perform manual head cleaning when required to ensure the best picture quality is achieved at all times. If our equipment needs repair, we have back up equipment that can be used for repairs or additional equipment to transfer your videotapes.

We can even copy video files from Memory Cards, USB Drives, Mobile Phones, Cameras and Digital Camcorders, when transferring your files from Mobile Phones we will always copy the files to a computer so you can take your mobile away with you. The only thing we ask is that for Mobile Phones, Cameras and Digital Camcorders with internal memory is that you have your device fully charged and also have the USB cable to enable us to connect it to our computer.

Dvd in caseWe can transfer to DVD, Blu-Ray or Digital Files, with digital files the standard format, is h.264 Mpeg 4 files which offer a wide range of compatibility with PC, Mac, Games Consoles and Televisions, we can also transcode to editing formats such as Apple Pro-Res and Avid DNx files.

When having your footage transferred to optical media such as DVD or Blu-Ray we can also create menus and supply colour covers showing images taken from your footage, we only use high-quality media to ensure you get a lifetime of enjoyment providing your disc is looked after correctly.

As well as straight forward transfer we can also upscale from SD to HD, 2K and UHD as well as convert interlaced footage into progressive footage so it will display better on computer monitors and newer televisions. All our upscaling is professionally done using the Blackmagic Design Teranex Express which we connect to a computer via a Decklink studio 4k SDI capture card. The Taranex range of converters give broadcast quality conversion, you’ll be surprised at how good the conversion is even at UHD.Teranex upscaling

As well as upscaling your footage we can also change the aspect of your old square 4.3 footage to a wider 14.9 aspect ratio which displays better on widescreen displays the only downside is that there will be a slight crop on the top and bottom of the picture. We will never stretch your footage to full widescreen as this will permanently distort your footage and most televisions have a setting that allows you to perform this.

Please select your format below for more information and pricing for the format you required transferred, feel free to get in touch to discuss your personal requirements using the contact form located at the bottom of the page.

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