Video Mould Removal


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Video Mould Removal

Mouldy Video TapeWe see a lot of video tapes that have mould on them due to being kept in damp and humid places, mould makes your tape look white and is easy to spot as seen in the photo of the Kodak VHS tape. The damage mould can cause varies depending on the extent of mould and period of time the mould has been left on the tape. The effects can range from and include any combination of jumpy or no picture and/or distorted sound.
Video Mould Removal 1Although removing the mould does not guarantee a perfect playing tape it does in most cases improve playback enough to enable you to watch your footage and relive your memories. After the mould is removed we also clean the tape housing to prevent the mould from returning, once you receive your tape back we recommend you store it indoors at room temperature and not in the garage or in the attic.  We charge a fixed rate for mould removal as we believe in offering value however if after removing the mould your tape doesn’t play we don’t offer any refund or credit.



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