Negative & Slide Scanning

Negative Photo Transfer Service

35mm Negative scanningWe can scan and transfer your old negative film and slides to either digital images or a photo slide show put onto optical media such as DVD or Blu-Ray. We can scan from the following formats 110, 120, 126,127, 220, 35mm, APS and Kodak Photo Disc using our dedicated film and flatbed scanners. We use a combination of Sony, Canon and Epson scanners, the Sony UY-S100 scanner can scan 35mm film in strips or full rolls and has an optical resolution of 3,072 × 2,048 pixels.

APS neg transferFor scanning APS (Advanced Photo System) negatives, we use a Canon FS 2700 dedicated negative scanner which can also scan 35mm negatives and slides singly or in strips of up to six and has an optical resolution of 2720dpi.

For other negative and slide formats which include 110, 120, 126, 127, 220 and Kodak Disc we use the Epson Perfection V850 Pro we have custom negative carriers which allow us to scan negatives singly or in strips. The Epson scanner can also scan at higher resolutions of up to 6400 dpi, which also includes 35mm negative and slide film. We offer a standaNeg transferrd scan resolution of 2720dpi however, can scan at higher resolutions upon request.

As standard, we will clean your negatives and slides by using a soft anti-static brush and also compressed air, we will also wear soft cotton gloves when handling your film so we don’t cause damage or get fingerprints on the film. Also included is basic colour correction using Adobe Photoshop, we will also adjust any colours during scanning to ensure your photos look as good as the day your film was developed, however, please be aware that for under and over-exposed images we may not be able to do very much in the way of colour correcting.

Negative & Slide Formats

35mm NegativesAs mentioned above we scan most types of negatives and slides including glass-mounted and unmounted slides also known as transparency film. We can scan all standard consumer formats of film, in the early 70’s the two most common film types were 126 and 110 which replaced 127 roll film, another popular and most known consumer format was 35mm which was released as a negative and transparent version also known as 135 films.

In the ’80s Kodak released disc film then in the 90’s APS or Advanced Photo System, we can scan all the above formats which include B&W, colour and transparency variants. We can also handle professional formats known as medium format which include 120 and 220, these films are larger and tend to be cut singly or in pairs, unlike consumer film which was cut in strips of four to eight.

File formats & Slideshows

DVDWe can scan your negatives and slides to most photo file formats or produce a photo slideshow on DVD, Blu-Ray or UHD Blu-Ray. Our standard format for saving your files is Tiff as they are uncompressed and offer the best quality, however, the downside is that they can be large files taking up more storage space. The alternative format would be Jpeg files which are smaller but compress the files so don’t offer the same quality as Tiff files, on the plus side they take up less storage space. We can save the files in any format supported by Photoshop so if you’re looking for a specific format, just let us know.

The other option we offer is to have a photo slideshow created and put on DVD, Blu-ray or UHD Blu-ray disc, the only thing to bear in mind is that the resolution of your photos may be reduced when choosing this option as DVD resolution is 720×568, Blu-Ray is 1920×1080 and UHD Blu-ray is 3840×2160. we are happy to give you your video slideshow as well as separate image files when ordering a video slideshow.

If you have any questions regarding our photo transfer service then please get in touch by phone, social media or using the contact form at the bottom of the page.





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