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Our Authoring Service

Disc Authoring burningWith our disc authoring service, we will take your video files and convert them to compliant DVD and/or Blu-Ray files, once we have your files created we can then start designing and building your DVD or Blu-Ray. Our standard service is your starting point for your film, documentary or video footage to be put on to disc which will start playing without the use of any menus we will place chapter points at fixed intervals every 3 or 5 minutes.

For a lot of our customers and clients, the standard service is enough however we can offer a lot more than this. Sometimes a range of menus is required as there will be more than one piece of footage going on the disc. We offer a full range of features including static, chapter selection and full motion menus with background videos playing in the background.

Menus and customisations

Disc Authoring creationWith our customised menu creation we can create a static menu showing a static image or an animated menu created from a series of still images or a video file playing in the background. With a background image or video in the background you will also need customised buttons for your menu, we recommend text buttons but can design and use shaped buttons on request.

Other options for your menu will include setting forbidden user actions which stop the viewer from skipping certain content and customised chapter points.  For customised chapter points all we need from you is a list with timecodes where you would like each chapter inserted. Your disc can also be region coded upon request however as standard all the discs we create are region free to enable playback in any region or county.

Disc & Cover Artworks

Disc ArtworkWe can also create and print custom disc artwork as well as full-colour covers for your authored discs, we will work with you to create your artwork and can also supply templates if you want to create the artwork yourself. Links for the templates can be found at the bottom of the page before the contact form. If your creating your own artwork it can also be uploaded using the link below the templates.

Prefered File Formats For Authoring

Pro-Res & DNXWhen supplying us your video files for best results we recommend the file formats below. Other formats may be suitable however we would recommend that you contact us if you are unable to supply the file formats below.




Frame Rate & Resolution

Listed below are supported frame rates for DVD & Blu-Ray discs, If your files don’t match the required format we can offer hardware based up/down/cross conversions using the Blackmagic Design Teranex Express.

Teranex Upscaling

DVD (720x576 / 720x480)

Interlaced / Progressive


Blu-Ray (1280x720)



Blu-Ray (1920x1080)

Full 1080p



Blu-Ray (1440x1080)



UHD Blu-Ray (3840x2160)


UHD 4k

Price Plans

Standard Disc Authoring

  • No Menu
  • Fixed Chapters
  • DVD or Blu-Ray
  • Artwork Also Avialable at additional cost
  • First Disc Included in Price

Deluxe Disc Authoring

  • Static Menus
  • Custom Chapters
  • Subtitle options available
  • DVD or Blu-Ray
  • Printed Artwork Included
  • First Disc Included in Price

Super Deluxe Disc Authoring

  • Motion Menus
  • Custom Chapters
  • Subtitle options available
  • DVD, Blu-Ray or UHD Blu-Ray
  • Printed Artwork Included
  • First Disc Included in Price

Download Disc & Cover Templates

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