126 Photo Transfer


Transfer your 126 negatives to digital files, photo slideshow or digital download. Please choose your options below. Prices are for each Negative or Slide scanned, so simply enter the quantity for number required.

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126 Negative Transfer

High Quality Negative and Slide ScanningWe will scan your 126 negative film at an optical resolution of at least 4800 dpi using the Epson V850 Pro scanner. As standard, we will clean your negatives and slides by using a soft anti-static brush and compressed air if required, we will also wear cotton gloves when handling your film so we don’t cause damage or get fingerprints on the film.

We do have a minimum charge for our negative transfer service which is £10 which is equivalent to 10 single negatives being scanned, scanning costs start from £1 for each negative, most negatives have numbers on them so you don’t need to get a full strip done just the ones you require.

We also don’t recommend cutting your negatives up into single images as this can cause damage and makes it harder to remove any dust or marks before scanning. Included in the price is a basic colour correction to restore your photos to their former glory, please note that under and overexposed negatives may not be able to be colour corrected.

Digital Files

We typically use two file formats our standard being Tiff files which will store all the data from the scan without compressing the file, the downside to this is that the file will be larger and may not be as compatible with all devices. The second file format we use is Jpeg which is widely compatible however, these files use compression so quality won’t be as high as Tiff files.

We use Adobe Photoshop in conjunction with our scanners so can offer most photo formats if you are looking for another format other than Tiff or Jpeg, please get in touch to discuss any specific requirements you may have. We can put your digital files on a CD or DVD alternatively you can supply a USB drive for them to be put on.

Photo Slideshow Discs

Blu-RayFor a small additional charge, we can turn your scanned images into a video slideshow which can then be placed onto a DVD, Blu-Ray or UHD Blu-ray disc that can be played in any standard player for the provided disc format. Please however be aware that the scanned photos may be of a lower resolution depending on what type of disc you order.

A DVD has a resolution of 720×576 pixels, Blu-Ray has 1920×1080 pixels and UHD Blu-Ray has 3840×2160 pixels, we can, however, include the original higher resolution image files with your photo slideshow at no extra charge.

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